Mangueras Alimenticias FDA

The fluorine carbon Elastomer named by his maker, the Dupont company like the Viton have high resistance to the hydraulic fluids and organic fluids, being its main characteristic the resistance to high temperatures until 210°C it's a system that we recommend to use at high temperatures with chemical attacks and ozone work.
T.P.U. the polyurethane has a great resistance to chemicals and it's appropriate for hydraulic systems by its hardness, even for those with pneumatic type, according to the work conditions.

The silicon is a red rubber which can be in contact with foodstuff by being approved for the FDA (food and drug administration) We do not recommended for dynamic applications for its low soft physic characteristics, even though is very useful for applications with hot air and chemical liquids.
The Teflon can change according to the material or element of its molecular composition so they may contain: bronze, glass, molybdenum and carbon in different percentages that's the reason for their characteristics changes. Its resistance, chemises and mechanic against different intermediaries.

Its main property is the sliding and hardness which allows to use them in rings of support or guides chevron seals, O' rings and rotating rings.
It's used with certain limitations so it can work with water, steam water, non-flammable fluids, and brake fluids with especial regulations, its resistance to high temperatures is until 130°C
The Polyacetal has a great physic and chemical characteristics and thanks to that has a wide range of applications in dry or wet environments. The polyamides and the Polyacetal have great characteristics though it is not recommendable its use with water.
Known in our country as rubber is very common its use with hydraulic fluids for its resistance to chemicals and working at high temperatures until 100°C, Some studies already mention before they have allowed to create a new a new material called H-NBR, and its resistance is greater than the NBR, which makes out of this an excellent manufactured seal material which work with vegetal oil with high concentration of additives.
Chromed Axles
Characteristics: Accuracy of the outside diameter resistance: f8 roughness of the surface: Ra 0.2µm - Ra 0.4µm thickness of the hard chrome: 20 Micron ± 10% hardness of the surface: HV 800 (mínimo) standard length:3M 6M standard size: 6 Ø – 250 Ø

Material: JIS S45C, SAE1045, DIN CK45 (SCM440 – SUS316 – SUS304) Especial specifications of the materials such as holes in the tubes are custom made for the client's need.
Honeada Pipeline
Characteristics: Accuracy of the inside diameter: H7 – H8 Roughness of the inside surface: Ra 0.2µm - Ra 0.8µm Standard length: 3M – 6M Special length: 10M Internal diameter : 18 Ø – 400 Ø

Material: JIS STKM13C Mechanical construction with the use of carbon tubes and steel. Other specifications are custom made for the client's need.