PRINCE - PTO Tractor Pump
Heavy work pump designed to control the operation PTO in every size trucks, doesn't need any additional devices or coupling.
These pumps have a function of auto adjust of the plates of worn which seals leakage and compensate any worn or expansion that may occur during the life of the pump. An aluminum carcass of high resistance to traction, endplates of cast iron. The slotted axle goes all the way and gets supported in both sides of roller bearings, all models have an entry port #16 SAE y two of exit #12 SAE. Includes #12 SAE a ¾ in. Female Adaptor NPTF. The size of the reservoir has to be at least as big as the GPM of the pump.
PRINCE - Tri Power Hand Pump
Works in equipment of hydraulic presses, vehicles lifting, untapped chassis and many more uses and combining similar equipment. According to the flowrate they can have three positions 1) 1, 25 each one, inches per piston at 1500 SI 2) .95 each one per stroke of the piston at 2000 PSI 3) .60 each one per stroke of the piston at 3000 PSI. A deposit of gallon has an admission valve, valve of escape 3/8 in pressure connection. NPT. Applied driving strength 60 -65 pounds. In use until 200 inches of one or two cylinders .16 ½ in L made in U.S.A.
PRINCE - Heavy-Duty Hydraulic Motors for High Torque, Low Speed!
It's made for light and mid-range applications, maximum pressure of entrance is 2500 PSI and the maximum back pressure is 1000 PSI completely reversible 4 mounting bolts of one inch x 1 ¾ axle with 1/4, splines ½ in ports NPTF
HALDEX - Barnes 2-Stage Hydraulic Pump
The 2 stage pump can help speeding up the cycle and the most pressure with a small engine, Excellent for tree cheaper 85% efficient U.S.A.
HALDEX - Barnes Cast Iron Hydraulic Gear Pump
This pump has a high capacity of pressure, balanced pressure. Its working speed is until 3600 RPM, similar to a Webster YD series. Parker of the series M. Rexroth, S20, Cruz 50P, Cessna 25550, Ultra 2px, 2pr and 3pr. Commercial p 330 and Tyrone p16. Norma SAE 2 bolt flange b, 4.00 in. The pilot axle 7/8 in. x 1 5/8 in ¼ in, key square, Tomas BSP: 1 5/8 12 of entrance, out 1 1/16, 85% of efficiency, made in the U.S.A.
HALDEX - Barnes High Performance Gear Pump
Compact, package of high performance is built with aluminum carcass of high resistance with a cover of cast iron finish, meant to be used with a wide variety of applications such as handling material, freight elevators, maintaining lawns, agriculture and construction. The pumps are low noise have SAE A 2 mounted bolts and SAE o ring sidelines ports, W900 of the series: 90% of efficiency, ¾ tuned axle U.S.A.
HALDEX - Barnes High-Pressure Hydraulic Gear Pump
Used in carrying equipment, at construction and agricultural equipment, machines tools, handling material and mining equipment. 178. In. pilot diameter with an axle of ½ in x 1 ½z, 1/8 in square keys, iron carcass of high resistance, turns at 4000 RPM max. In CW or CCW, used as a liquid pump or motor fluid. Similar to Parker D series Webster YB series, Rexroth S12, MTED series, flexible coupling or pulley of unit. 95% of efficiency made in U.S.A.
HALDEX - Hydraulic Clutch Pumps
Each pump works out of trucks or engines, mounting the line of the pulley strap of the engine has two slots, 7” of diameter of the pulley, takes ½ in, Rotation clockwise, foot of the montage with two screw holes of ½ in. Maximum pressure of 3000 1 ¼ in, entrance NPTF, 1” exit NPTF