Piston Seals
This seals are placed over the piston and fit against the shirt of the cylinder to avoid the fluid of work from one side of the piston to the other side of it, as a result the cylinder doesn't lose any pressure.
Rod Seals
This seals are fit over the rod inside of the cylinder's lid, avoiding the fluid of work escapes through the space from the lid and the axle.
Seals V o Chevrón
These are V shape seals made of elastic material and with manufactured plastic lids, as soon as the fluids make pressure on the V seals these get expanded allowing the seal in pistons or rods.
Sellos Rotativos
These seals fit to a rod which is in rotary motion and as well as another rod seal avoids the fluid from work escapes from the housing of the axle.
Cleanning Seals
Known as wipers, scratchers or dust keepers they remove all the dirt and dust inside the rod during the cylinder's job, avoiding all the possible damage of the internal mechanisms.
Bandage Guide
These bandages are made of hard material which stabilizes as well as the piston as the axle during the reciprocating movement, these type of seals we can find them on different sizes.
Static Seals O´rings
These seals, for example O' rings and O' rings work on lids which aren't exposed to movement, and their job is to avoid leakage of fluid for the unions of the cylinders.
Special Seals
These are seals or pieces which can be obtained through the programming of the machine with different forms and a mechanized process. It can be about a combination of different seals.